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Estimating Department

Estimators: These individuals are responsible for procuring plans for bidding purposes, doing the takeoffs, pricing and bidding the projects, and negotiating contracts.

Maintenance and Delivery Department

Maintenance and Delivery Manager: This person is responsible for all equipment maintenance, delivery of material & equipment to the jobsites, and management of the shop and yard.

Truck Drivers and Yardmen: These people deliver equipment and material to the various projects, and are responsible for the overall maintenance and appearance of the vehicles and the cleanliness and orderly arrangement of the company yard. They answer to the maintenance and delivery manager, except when assigned to a certain foreman on a given project.

Mechanics: These employees make all needed repairs of mechanical devices and keep the shop, equipment, and tools clean and orderly arranged. If the foreman needs a piece of equipment fixed, he should check with the field superintendent. Mechanics report to the maintenance and delivery manager.

Project Operations Department

Project Manager: This person is responsible for all the clerical work involved in managing the projects, including post contract work, submittals, change orders, and close out. He answers directly to the vice president of operations or the general manager.

General Field Superintendent: This individual manages and supervises the foremen of all the projects, and is responsible for the information exchanged between the project manager and the foremen of each job. He reports to the project manager.

Job Foreman: The foreman is responsible for the production, coordination, and the general peace and tranquility of that project. He is provided a set of plans, specifications, and a project manual, which is his guide and outline for overseeing that project. He must keep his manual current, with daily logs, delivery logs, daily production numbers, time sheets, etc. He may hire or fire personnel or turn them back to the general field superintendent for placement at another project. He is responsible for getting all personal data from his employees on that project. The foreman is responsible for all project procedures. The foreman answers directly to the general field superintendent.

Layout Men: These masons typically lay the first two courses, as directed by the project foreman.

Masons: Brick, block and stone masons work on the wall as directed by the project  foreman.

Forklift Operator: This worker operates the forklift as directed by the project foreman.

Labor Foreman: This person assists the project foreman in managing the labors.

Laborers: These people assist the masons, labor foreman, and project foreman. They work in          accordance and in association with the brick layers and project foreman. They answer directly to the    project foreman.

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